Officials christen Edmond Freeman Solar Farm

Wicked Local Sandwich, 11/3/17

Photos from NRG dedication of the Edmond Freeman Solar Farm, Sandwich, 11/3/17

OPINION: Fighting for the Cape’s clean air

Cape Cod Times, 9/27/17

Environmental group appeals approval of Sandwich plant expansion

Cape Cod Times, 9/05/17

NRG Energy gets state board approval for plant expansion, 7/19/17

Massachusetts regulators approve NRG gas plant

Utility Dive, 7/10/17

State board approves construction of taller gas-fired turbine

Cape Cod Times, 7/10/17

Portable toilets, road-way fixes, budget, top Town Meeting

Wicked Local Sandwich, 5/2/17

Sandwich voters endorse $1.5M in capital spending

Cape Cod Times, 5/1/17

Air quality hearing planned for new gas turbine at Sandwich plant

Cape Cod Times, 2/7/17 

New Sandwich power project clears hurdle

Cape Cod Times, 12/18/16 

Sandwich inks $57M deal with NRG over canal plant expansion

Cape Cod Times, 10/21/16 

NRG Launches New Website for Canal Projects

Cape Cod Times, 6/17/16

NRG Launches New Website for Sandwich Projects

Cape Code Times, 6/17/16

Walk-through May Lead To Archaeological Dig At Freeman Farm Property

Sandwich Wicked Local, 6/3/16 

Sandwich News Briefs – Archaeological Dig

Sandwich Wicked Local, 5/20/16

Owners Of Canal Plant To Allow Dig At Site Of Solar Project

Cape Cod Times, 5/18/16 

Regional Historic Board to Review NRG’s Solar Farm Plan After Complaint

The Sandwich Enterprise, 5/7/16

Supports Project, But With An ‘Ask’ – Opinion

The Sandwich Enterprise, 4/23/16

Sandwich News Briefs – Solar Farm Appeal

Wicked Local Sandwich, 4/17/16

Historic District Board Approves Solar Project

Cape Cod Times, 4/13/16

Solar Farm Proposed for Canal Plant Property Would Be Built on Historic Freeman Farm

Cape Cod Times, 4/12/16

Sandwich News Briefs – Solar Farm Update

Wicked Local Sandwich, 3/18/16

Upper Cape News Briefs – Hearing on Solar Project

Wicked Local Sandwich, 3/2/16

Cape Cod Commission Hearing Set for Sandwich Solar Plan

Wicked Local Sandwich, 2/19/16

Sandwich News Briefs – Canal Plant Hearing

Wicked Local Sandwich, 2/16/16

NRG Canal 3 Project Clears ISO-NE Capacity Auction

Business Wire, 2/11/16

Sandwich News Briefs – NRG Host Agreement

Wicked Local Sandwich, 2/7/16

Public Comment Session Set for Canal Plant Plan

Wicked Local Sandwich, 2/1/16

Sandwich Selectmen Back Zoning Waiver for Canal Plant

Wicked Local Sandwich, 1/25/16

Sandwich News Briefs – Solar Farm Boundaries

Wicked Local Sandwich, 1/18/16

Power Plant Expansion May Be Too Big For Local Zoning Review

The Sandwich Enterprise, 12/23/16

Sandwich Town Manager Backs Zoning Review Waiver for Canal-Plant Additions

Wicked Local Sandwich, 12/18/15

Sandwich Voters Give Go-Ahead To Beach Renourishment, Solar Farm

The Sandwich Enterprise, 11/16/15

Power Rivals Jockey to Replace Mass. Nuke Plant

Energy Biz, 11/10/15

Repowering Canal Power Plant Includes Solar

Sandwich Wicked Local, 9/4/15

NRG Looks to Modernize Sandwich Plant News, 7/20/15

NRG Plans Plant Growth

Solar project and a new natural gas turbine in the works at aging canal facility

Cape Cod Times, 7/16/15

NRG Canal Plans to Repower Sandwich Plant

Wicked Local Sandwich, 7/16/15

Owners of Canal Generating Plant May Upgrade Facility

Multiple sources say the NRG Energy Canal Generating Plant is in talks with town leaders to either repower or add another unit fueled by natural gas that could generate more tax revenue for Sandwich.

Cape Cod Times, 10/22/14