The Canal modernization projects will provide higher system reliability, lower system costs and additional renewable energy to the southeast region of New England and to Cape Cod.

canal-icon-lightningImproved Electrical System Reliability:

The Canal 3 project will also help fill a shortfall of 238 MW of generating capacity that the system operator, ISO New England, has determined exists in this part of New England, called the SEMA/RI zone.

canal-icon-dollarPotentially Lower Ratepayer Costs:

New capacity such as Canal 3 has resulted in lower capacity prices in the region which could translate into lower ratepayer costs.


This new generation will have on-site back-up fuel using existing storage tanks. This is especially important for the Cape, given disruptions in generation capacity during the past two winters caused by a lack of sufficient natural gas infrastructure in New England.

canal-icon-stopwatchFast Response to Need:

The generating technology will offer a 10-minute quick-start capability to provide critical backup power during sudden weather events, which will allow for increased integration of renewable wind and solar projects in the region.

canal-icon-globeMore Clean Renewables:

The Edmund Freeman Solar Farm will provide up to 1.5 MW of solar power to the Cape, supporting the Commonwealth’s sustainability goal of 1600 MW of new solar power by 2020. It will also offer the opportunity for local residents to directly purchase solar power from the facility.

canal-icon-currencyEconomic Benefits:

The construction of the Canal modernization projects will provide up to 160 jobs during construction, stimulate the local economy and could more than double existing current tax revenue.

canal-icon-capeSupports the Regional Community:

Siting the project at the existing Canal Generating Station maintains a critical infrastructure site on the Cape and the associated financial benefits for economic expansion of the region.