Project Notice: 7 May 2018

The Canal 3 Gas Turbine and Generator were offloaded and delivered to the project site on Friday May 4.

The Generator Step-Up Transformer (GSU) was delivered to the site on Saturday May 5, and then placed on its foundation on Sunday May 6.

Delivery barges left the area on Saturday, May 5.

Restoration of the Canal recreational path and park will begin the morning of Monday, May 7 and continue throughout the week. Access to the walkway will be maintained throughout the week.

Project Notice: 16 April 2018

NRG Construction expects major equipment deliveries via barge and then overland throughout the next seven to 60 days in the area of the Canal Power Plant. Access to the Canal recreational path and associated parking area will be affected for short periods during morning hours, to support the overland equipment transit from the Canal. Also, NRG Construction expects deliveries via barge and then overland via Ed Moffitt Drive. Impact to Ed Moffitt Drive is expected to be during the evening hours.

Project Notice: 28 March 2018

  • NRG has entered into a Purchase and Sale Agreement with Stonepeak Kestral Holdings II LLC related to Canal 3. At the same time, NRG entered into a Project Management Agreement with Stonepeak to continue overseeing the construction, start up and commissioning of the facility until Commercial Operations. Closing on the sale is not expected until mid summer.
  • The Project expects to start work early and have extended hours on Thursday March 29 while pouring the concrete foundation for the exhaust stack of the new unit. Neighbors may notice concrete trucks entering the facility on a regular basis during these hours.

Project Notice: 2 February 2018

Site mobilization began on January 22, 2018.

On January 31, physical construction began with the initial driving of pilings at the site.

Project Notice: 10 January 2018

Pre-construction activities are nearing completion. The Project expects construction activities to commence in earnest by February 1.

Initial construction activities will include:

  • Completion of site preparation activities
  • Commence installation of augur cast piling to support the large equipment foundations
  • Commence placement of the large equipment foundations
  • Commence receipt of materials and equipment to be incorporated into the Project

All construction personnel and material deliveries will enter the site from Freezer Road except for some large pieces of equipment which will be delivered by barge from the Cape Cod Canal.

Construction Milestone Schedule

The Project anticipates achieving the following construction milestones:

  • Commencement of On-Site Construction: Q1 2018
  • Initial Synchronization to the Grid: Q2 2019
  • Substantial Completion: Q3 2019
  • Final Completion: Q3 2019

Peak construction activities are expected to occur in the late summer and early fall of 2018.

Site Construction Hours

Normal site construction work will take place between the hours of 7:00 AM and 5:30 PM, Monday through Friday. During placement of large foundations (one of the initial construction activities noted above), continuous delivery and placement of concrete is required. Appropriate notice will be provided prior to commencement of these activities.